Hi there. My name is Aphinya - a software developer by trade, technical writer by design, digital marketer, and editor by freelancing experience. I am a melting pot of knowledge, skills, and ideas that people like to use as growth leverage for their businesses.

In addition to my daily doses of coding, I've written for places like Tabnine, BuiltIn, SecureCoding, Triplebyte, SRG Software, Honeypot, DZone, and Testproject.io. Currently, I'm a dev community advocate and editor at layercode.com

That's basically a quick dive into what I do professionally. Feel free to send through a connection request on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter.

About Dotted Squirrel...the blog

DottedSquirrel started as a little blog that mirrors my Medium content and is completely paywall-free. Recently, it has taken a life of its own and also content that's not posted on my Medium account (Medium has original content too).

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