How to fix: "RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded"

RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded is a type of error thrown in JavaScript when a function call is made that exceeds the program's stack size.

The call stack is a data structure that keeps track of which functions have been called, and in what order. It's used by the JavaScript engine to determine which function to call next, and to keep track of the program's current state.

The call stack is limited in size, and when it's exceeded, the RangeError is thrown. This can happen when a deeply nested function is called, or when a lot of new variables are created.

The most common way to fix this error is to reduce the number of function calls, or to limit the number of variables that are created. Another option is to use a tracer debugger to keep track of the program's state and find the function that's causing the error.

Here's an example of a program that throws a RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded error. This program creates a lot of new variables, and then calls a deeply nested function.

var maxStack = 10000; 
// Maximum call stack size var 

num = 0; 
// Number of function calls 

function nested() { 
// Nested function 
	// Increase the number of function calls 
	if (num > maxStack) { 
	// Check if stack size has been exceeded 
	throw new RangeError("Maximum call stack size exceeded"); 
	// Call the nested function again 
	// Call the nested function again
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